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MOOG® Tie Rod 

A critical part of your steering system which enables the wheels to turn by transmitting power. 

MOOG® tie rod assemblies
Easy-to-fit direct replacement parts


The tie rod assembly transmits power from your steering center link or the rack gear to your steering knuckle. The outer tie rod end connects with an adjusting sleeve, which allows the length of the tie rod to be adjusted to set the vehicle’s critical alignment angle, making it an essential part in your steering system. MOOG offers high quality steering components that create a strong connection with these convenient to install, easy-fit parts.

Going the extra mile for the right connection

The innovations we’ve incorporated in our range of tie rod ends ensure that they deliver. Learn more about it on our product page “tie rod ends”.
The innovations in our range of axial rods ensure the essential durability. To learn more about these innovations, go to “axial rods”.

From now on, you’ll be able to recognize our differentiated Steering & Suspension products instantly in their bright new packaging.

The assemblies contain all the parts you need, including outer tie rod end and axial rod.

TIP: Check your tie rod assembly at least once a year to maintain the integrity of the steering system and avoid excessive or uneven tyre wear. 

Key Product Features



  • Zinc flake coated and flanged nut: Corrosion-resistance and increased locking force
  • Metal sealing rings: Optimal sealing
  • Carbon fibre reinforced bearing: Less friction and more durable
  • Induction hardened stud: More durable and stronger

3D Product Animation Tie Rod Ends



3D Product Animation Axial Rods

Key Product Features



  • Zinc flake coated nut: Corrosion-resistance 
  • Carbon fibre reinforced bearing: Less friction and reduced axial deflection


Quick-look benefits


Zinc flake coating for resistance to corrosion



Low friction in order to operate far more smoothly


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