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MOOG® V-torque

V-torque rods help the suspension system to control vibrations. The tyres and the suspension system dampen most of these vibrations, but V-torque bars further reduce any uncontrolled movement.

MOOG® V-torque rods
for extra vibration control


MOOG® V-torque rods (or V-bars) use premium materials and production techniques to bring you optimum vibration-damping performance.

High-performance features:

  • Manufactured using the highest standards of beaming, welding and forging.
  • The parts are fitted with high quality rubber MOOG® Silentblocs, and seamless ST 52 NBK DIN 2391 tubes.
  • This results in the absorption of oscillating vibrations through transmission to the chassis frame, especially when encountering unexpected bumps and obstacles.


Quick-look benefits


Extra vibration control thanks to superior materials and manufacture


Made with premium quality rubber MOOG Silentblocs


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