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Ball joints are suspension parts which enable the wheels and suspension to move effectively together.


Ball joints tailored for

extra strength and convenience


The MOOG® ball joints are OE-matching quality products created with innovative design and engineering, using premium quality materials for unequalled strength. They are hard wearing, hard working, greasable and tailored specifically for each application in order to support a steering that feels smooth and solid. 

High-performance features

  • Superior compounds that withstand temperature extremes, dirt, water and abrasion: Ball-joint housings forged from a single block of fine-grain alloy steel for superior strength and powdered-metal gusher bearings with improved wear resistance.
  • MOOG® innovative design: special engineering allowing grease to flow through the bearing to the stud to create a smooth surface extending service life and an innovative design that allows the load to transfer to the housing for maximum stability. Radial and axial deflection is also kept to a minimum, giving the driver a solid steering feel.


TIP : Lower-grade steel and/or the wrong heat treatment used by some competitors can lessen the price, but also reduce the lifetime of the part by up to 30%.

Quick-look benefits


Increased stud strength and improved radial deflection


Optimum smoothness for the driver and easy to fit


Two times the stud strength, five times more durable and a higher locking force


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