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The steering and suspension components in modern cars are significantly better than those of the year 1919. The engineering, material selection, manufacturing methods, build accuracy and part quality have all changed substantially. Innovation upon innovation has spurred on a century of incredible automotive design, production and maintenance. 

MOOG® has developed a new Hybrid Core bearing technology. Through the use of carbon fibre reinforcement, Hybrid Core Technology significantly increases the bearing durability of MOOG’s control arms, ball joints, tie rod ends and axial rods. Durability and safety are further improved through the use of induction hardening on the components’ studs. Induction hardening is a heat treatment process that provides a fivefold increase to a part’s surface hardness and can double the strength of studs.


The new design also reduces the gradual increase in radial deflection that components can experience during their service-life, commonly and more simply known as ‘play’. Reducing this abnormal increase in deflection means that the precise steering feel and controlled suspension movement is maintained throughout the use of the component. 

A history of innovation is what sets MOOG apart. We understand the importance of steering and suspension components in the safety and comfort of a vehicle – two of the most significant and reassuring factors for drivers. That is why we developed Hybrid Core Technology and continue to invest in technologies and processes that provide our customers with clever and reliable parts.

Hybrid Core Technology is being introduced on many of MOOG’s parts, alongside other product innovations that improve durability and comfort: zinc coating and a new variety of synthetic grease. MOOG’s ball joints and link stabilisers now feature a zinc coating, making them exceptionally corrosion resistant and further improving durability. Simultaneously, a zinc-flake coating is now applied to all MOOG’s accessories, increasing resistance to corrosive road conditions.  Additionally, the engineers at MOOG have selected a new synthetic grease that enables extremely smooth actuation while also providing workshops with increased ease of installation. 


While the brand’s products have been available in Europe since 2001, it has recently announced the opening of a factory in Barcelona, Spain that will produce MOOG’s parts. These components will all feature the new technologies, intended to set MOOG apart as a steering and suspension brand with an emphasis on quality and design. The new factory will also result in improved part availability throughout Europe.

The history of MOOG is not just restricted to the road: the brand’s parts have also found their way to the racetrack. MOOG has been involved with NASCAR® in the U.S.A. for over 50 years, starting all the way back in 1966. In 2017, MOOG also started sponsoring the NASCAR Whelen Euro SeriesTM by providing competition cars with steering and suspension components.


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