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MOOG® Wheel End Bearings

When a car needs brake work, the wheel-end bearings should be checked. Each bearing consists of rollers, a cage and inner and outer raceways and every part must be inspected for discolouration, etching, spalling, misalignment and fractures.


MOOG® brings you the most complete range of wheel end bearings


The most complete wheel bearing range in the market with MOOG®'s innovative design. The MOOG® direct replacement parts are manufactured to be strong and anti-friction, ensuring a safe, smooth steering performance for many more miles. Our complete range of parts is guaranteed with best-in class engineering and manufacture for a reliable and stable steering.

High-performance features

  • Premium seal design preventing contamination and protecting bearing life.
  • Each steel bearing manufactured to ultra-precise tolerances for minimal vibration and longer life. 
  • Crowned raceways and rollers preventing misalignment and the rollers are precision-matched to reduce vibration. 
  • Bearings enhanced through a sophisticated heat treatment process for maximum material hardness and extended life.


Quick-look benefits


Made of premium materials and put through severe durability tests


Extra resistant to heavy loads and pollutants


Comprehensive range from Generation 0 up to Generation 4 bearings


All hardware is included for speedy installation


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